How much can I sell gold for?

Do you want to know how much you can sell your gold for?

The price of gold can go up and down. If you are selling gold, then you are probably going to be selling gold for scrap. We are one of the best gold buyers in St. Louis, and we have been buying gold for many years.

The way it works is this.

The value of what you sell is just based on the amount of gold in it – not the fact that it used to be jewelry.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you bought a necklace for $150. Wen you bought it, it looked nice (that’s why you bought it, of course).

But since you bought it, you’ve accidentally put it through the wash several times, you ran over it with a car, your kid pulled on it, and now it’s kinked and bent.

It no longer looks good. So now, the value of that necklace is not $150. And it’s probably not worth the price of a pre-owned necklace in good condition, because its looked have been ruined. Now, a gold buyer might buy your necklace not to sell as a necklace, but only to get the gold out of it.

So that’s how the amount of gold in your jewelry will determine what you can sell it for.